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What is a Topic?

A Topic is a linked title inside a Category.  These are found on the homepage of Post's Welkom Center. You can add as many Topics to a Category as needed. 

Creating a Topic

Navigate to Content Management > Topics.


In the new window, click + Create New.


On the next screen, complete the TitleText, and Order fields. 

Next, add the Category where the Topic should appear.

NOTE: This step is mandatory. (Refer to the image above to see an example of a Category and Topic.)


Related TopicsContacts, Photos, Videos, Documents, and Links are optional fields and may be completed if desired.

Once the information for the new Topic has been entered, click Save Changes.



Once saved, it will appear in the list of Topics. There is also a visitor counter to check how many people visited the Topics page.


What Does The Result Look Like For Users?

The Topic will now appear in the assigned Category.  Once a user clicks on the Topic, it appear in a new window.


Editing a Topic

Navigate to Content Management > Topics.


Click the Edit icon next to the Topic that requires changes. Make any necessary changes in the next window and click Save Changes.



Deleting a Topic

To delete a Topic, navigate to the Topics page and click the Delete icon next to the Topic to be removed.  


How to download a Topic with a QR Code?

This feature enables users to scan or download the QR code, which contains a link to view a specific Topic.

Navigate to Content Management > Topics.


Click the Ellipsis icon next to the Topic and click Create QR-Code.


To scan a Topic with a QR code, the user only needs to open his camera app, point it steadily towards the QR code, and open the notification that pops up. OR the user can also save a QR Code on the computer by clicking the Download button.


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