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What is a Topic?

A Topic is a linked title inside a Category.  These are found on the homepage of Post's Welkom Center.  You can add as many Topics to a Category as needed. 


Creating a Topic

Navigate to Content Management > Topics.


In the new window, click + Create New.


On the next screen. complete the TitleText, and Order fields. 


Next, add the Category where the Topic should appear.  NOTE:  This step is mandatory. (Refer to the image above to see an example of a Category and Topic.)


Related TopicsContactsVideosPhotosDocuments, and Links are optional fields and may be completed if desired.


Once the information for the new Topic has been entered, click +Save Changes.



What Does The Result Look Like For Users?

The Topic will now appear in the assigned Category.  Once a user clicks on the Topic, it appear in a new window.



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