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This article explains how to manage your Post site, including how to publish or unpublish your site, adding welcome text, and information about the Post picture.


Post Title

The Post Title reflects the name/city of your Post.  To edit the title, navigate to Content Management > Site.  On the Site page, enter the name of your Post next to the Title.


Listing or Unlisting Your Post

Site Managers can use the Listed toggle to publish Post's ATLAS Welkom Center site. If major edits are required, site managers are able to remove the site from the public view by toggling the Listed toggle to grey (off) until the site is ready to go live again.  

Note: There is a visitor counter to check how many people visited the Site.


Adding a Subtitle

The Subtitle appears as the header for your Welcome Text.

To add a subtitle, simply add text in the Sub Title field.


Adding a Message

The Message field is viewed by users as an important message if Post has pertinent information for users to see upon entering ATLAS Welkom Center. 

To include an Important Message, insert text in the Message field. 


Managing the Welcome Text

In the Body field, enter the welcome text for your Post. 


Once editing is complete, click Save Changes.



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