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Adding an Event to the Event Calendar

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In the ATLAS Welkom Center, you can add events to your Post's site!  Events appear below the newsletters with the Event date and title. 

Up to five future events will be listed at-a-glance, with the option to see more events using a little button at the right upper corner.

Events in the past will not appear on Post's site. However, it can be stored in the calendar for historical purposes.


Creating an Event

Navigate to Content Management > Events.


Click the + Create New button in the upper right corner of the Event window.


On the next screen, complete all the required fields. Users can also insert a link in the Description field of an event and there are three ways to do this:

  • Use the Link icon button to insert a link.
  • Type and select the text, and insert the link using the Link icon button.
  • Paste a copied link directly and hit enter or the spacebar.


NOTE: The Publish Date determines when the event is visible on the home page. By default, the event will be displayed four weeks before it begins.

Complete the required event information in the provided fields and click Save Changes



Below is an example of how an Event will appear on your ATLAS Welkom Center homepage:


To view more calendar Events, click Event Calendar in the upper-right corner of the Events box.


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